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Forex MetaTrader Trading Indicators

EMA-STOCHASTIC Head & Shoulders Trading Strategy

The head and shoulders chart pattern is widely recognized and easily identified in technical analysis. It’s a specific chart formation that predicts a shift from a bullish to a bearish trend. As a trader, you’re probably familiar with this head and shoulders pattern. However, unfortunately, many traders aren’t exactly sure how to correctly utilize signals from the head and shoulders ...

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Forex & Stocks HH-LL Trend Reversal System

HH-LL Trend Reversal Trading Strategy – A simple 5-step method to identify when a trend is reversing.¬† By mastering both the trend following trading technique and trend reversal trading, we’ll naturally be able to trade profitably in various market situations. Spotting trend reversals isn’t a challenge. Frequently, they’re as clear as daylight and darkness So, what’s the issue? Why do ...

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(MA) High-Low Trend Follower Trading Strategy

(MA) High-Low Trend Follower Trading Strategy – Moving Average Channel. Even though many traders believe that price action trading is better than indicator signals, I will not ignore the power of trading indicators and even some of the best traders of all time use indicators in their trading. Moving averages are a perfect trading tool for trending markets because they ...

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Forex & Stocks Inside Bar Trading (Recognizing Profitable Inside Bar Patterns)

The Inside Bar pattern appears quite often on charts, but not all of them can be considered profitable. This is because it requires a strong trend to detect a valid Inside Bar pattern. However, before diving deeper into identifying profitable Inside Bar patterns, do you already know the essence of this candlestick formation? Understanding Inside Bar Facts As the name ...

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