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Forex MetaTrader Trading Indicators

1-2-3 Forex & Stock Trading Strategy (Boost Your Profits $500 per Day)

The “1-2-3 Trading Strategy” is a powerful method that can elevate your trading skills to new heights. It relies on the MACD indicator along with a straightforward price action pattern to guide your trading decisions. By incorporating these tools, you can enhance your ability to identify potential trading opportunities and make more informed choices in the market. This strategy offers ...

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Forex & Stocks MA-CCI MT4 Retracement Finder Trading System

High accuracy intraday and swing trading with “CCI Retracement Finder Trading System” – The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is a versatile indicator that can be used to identify a new trend or warn of extreme conditions. Time Frame: H1 or higher Currency Pairs: Any   MetaTrader Trading Indicators CCI Retracement Finder Moving Average   BUY Rules CCI: Above the level ...

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Forex & Stock MACD COBRA Trading Strategy

The New MACD Cobra Trading Strategy is a highly effective strategy with low risk and high rewards when utilized correctly. The only factor that could lead to failure in the long term is if you fail to adhere to the rules. The MACD Cobra System is remarkably straightforward and user-friendly. Once you become accustomed to it and have executed a ...

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Forex & Stocks MA-RSI SCALPING Strategy

Even if you’re just starting out in trading, chances are you’ve encountered the term “scalping” at some point. It’s akin to day trading in that you aim to make quick profits during a trading session, but it operates on a much faster and smaller scale. So, what exactly is scalping? Scalping is arguably the riskiest trading strategy you can undertake. ...

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