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Vortex Mega Trend Trading System

The “Vortex Mega Trend Trading System” can be used to identify the start of a trend and subsequently affirm trend direction.

In this trading system, I have added a filter at the level 1.05 and 0.95  in order to improve the performance of the vortex indicator. In fact, with this filter, the vortex is much improved in forecast of the market.

  • Time Frame: M15 or higher
  • Financial Markets: Stocks, Indices, Futures, and Forex


MetaTrader Trading Indicators
  • Mega Trend
  • EMA Predictive
  • Vortex Indicator


BUY Rules

Trading NOTES


  • Blue line Vortex indicator above 1.05 level
  • Mega Trend line blue color
  • EMA Predicative (white line) above blue color Mega Trend line
  • BUY-SELL indicator blue color


SELL Rules

  • Blue line Vortex indicator below 0.95 level
  • Mega Trend line red color
  • EMA Predicative (white line) below  red color Mega Trend line
  • BUY-SELL indicator red color


Trading NOTES
  • Stop loss 2 pips above or below Dot line (blue and red of BUY-SELL Indicator)
  • Risk Reward Ratio 1:2 or 1:3
  • Use a demo account or a small live account first to practice this trading system


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