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(98% WINRATE) The MACD, Stockhastic Oscillator, and RSI Strategy

If you’re seeking a comprehensive trading strategy that encompasses all current market conditions, then this is the strategy you need. By understanding and implementing this trading strategy, I’m confident that you can triple your trading accuracy. Moreover, grasping the thought process and analytical approach behind this strategy will enable you to develop new trading strategies tailored to your needs and ...

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Forex & Stocks Fibonacci Elliott Wave Trading Strategy

The Elliott Wave theory is a technical analysis approach that involves observing a pattern of five consecutive waves before making trading decisions. The theory distinguishes two types of waves: impulsive and corrective waves. Impulsive waves – move in the same direction as the overall trend, and they reinforce the trend. Corrective waves – move against the overall trend and occur ...

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Forex & Stocks Trading – The BEST Relative Vigor Index (RVI) Trading Strategies

Most traders don’t know that the “RVI, or Relative Vigor Index” indicator gives very accurate trading signals for both scalping and swing trading. But don’t worry, in this tutorial, you’ll learn and master how to use the RVI indicator like the PROS on Wall Street.   Like every other indicator, the RVI can produce false signals. Therefore, I strongly suggest ...

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Double CCI Forex & Stock “SCALPING and SWING” Trading Strategy

Double CCI Forex & Stock “SCALPING and SWING” Trading Strategy – The “DOUBLE CCI” is a trend following trading system. Double CCI with Exponential Moving Average is very good at catching the trends of the market very early and it lets you ride the swing of the market untill the end. So, Double CCI with Exponential Moving Average can become ...

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