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Forex & Stocks MA-RSI SCALPING Strategy

Even if you’re just starting out in trading, chances are you’ve encountered the term “scalping” at some point. It’s akin to day trading in that you aim to make quick profits during a trading session, but it operates on a much faster and smaller scale. So, what exactly is scalping? Scalping is arguably the riskiest trading strategy you can undertake. ...

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The SMOOTHED HEIKEN ASHI COBRA System (How To Make Money From Forex & Stocks)

If You can Master this “Smoothed Heiken Ashi COBRA” system, you’ll be able to make so much more money from Trading. In this tutorial, I will guide you through a simple and effective trading method that can work well for both forex and stock markets. This strategy uses three tools: the 50-period Smoothed Heiken Ashi, the (5,3,3) Stochastic Oscillator, Support-Resistance ...

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“MACD-OBOS” Trading Strategy (HIGH WIN RATE Forex & Stock Trading)

“MACD-OBOS” Overbought-oversold Trading Strategy. However, Can the MACD be utilized to identify overbought and oversold conditions? If you’re looking for information on whether the MACD can be used to identify overbought and oversold conditions, many trading gurus would respond with a resounding “yes, MACD can be used for that purpose.” However, their explanations can be quite convoluted and forced, at ...

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Forex & Stock RSI-MA Leading Signals Trading Strategy

The Most powerful RSI Leading signal Trading Strategy – The BEST “Scalping and swing Trading Strategy” That No-one Ever Told You. The RSI is a very reliable and popular momentum indicator. Scalpers and swing traders use it to make the most profit during trading in the market. But for beginners, it can be tough to understand its signals. At first, ...

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