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TMA (TriangulatMA.mq4) Forex Trading Indicator

Triangulate Moving Average trading indicator for MetaTrader 4 – Here, the focus is on the middle part of the price series.

Trading NOTES


In fact, they are double-smoothed simple moving averages. The Simple Moving Averages’ length depends on evenness or oddness of the chosen number of periods.

Operations for TMA calculation:
  • To the number of periods of Moving Average 1 is added
  • The received sum is divided into 2
  • If the result was released fraction, it is rounded up to a whole
  • The Simple Moving Average of close prices with the number of periods obtained in point 3 is calculated
  • By using the value obtained in point 3 again, the simple
  • Moving Average of the Moving Average calculated in point 4 is calculated


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