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The Powerful Forex Aroon MQ4 Trading Indicator

The Aroon indicator is one powerful tool that can be used to determine when a trend in the market is about to happen.

The Aroon indicator was developed by calculating two Aroon lines on a chart that usually sits at the top or bottom of a price chart. The Aroon indicator is made up of two plots on the chart, 1) the Aroon Up and 2) Aroon Down.

  • Time Frame: M5 or higher
  • Currency Pairs: Any


MetaTrader Trading Indicators
  • Aroon Indicator


BUY Rules

Trading NOTES


  • Aroon Indicator:
    • The yellow line upward
    • The blue line downward


SELL Rules

  • Aroon Indicator:
    • The yellow line downward
    • The blue line upward


Trading NOTES

As you can see in the chart above, the Aroon indicator oscillates between a maximum value of 100 and a minimum value of 0.

Basically, you can analyze the relationship between Aroon Up and Aroon Downlines to interpret the price action of the market in three different ways:

  • When the momentum in the market changes from a bullish one to a bearish one, and vice-versa, the Aroon Up or Down will cross over each other and change sides.
  • When the market is trending with the strong momentum the Aroon indicator will display extreme readings.
  • Lastly, when the market is consolidating, the Aroon Up and Aroon Downlines will stay parallel to each other.


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