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Golden MACD Indicator Trading System

Golden MACD Trading System is a suitable system for trading currencies. The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator is a momentum oscillator primarily used to trade trends.

Trading NOTES


How this Golden MACD indicator works ?… MACD crossing above zero is considered bullish while crossing below zero is bearish. Secondly, when MACD turns up from below zero it is considered bullish. When it turns down from above zero it is considered bearish.

  • Time Frame: 15 min or higher
  • Currency Pairs: any


MetaTrader Trading Indicators
  • Golden MACD Indicator (12, 26, 9)
  • Gold MACD Indicator (12, 26, 9)
  • BBand Stop


BUY Rules

  • Gold MACD green line
  • Golden MACD Histogram blue color and above the line MACD
  • BBand Stop (20) aqua color
  • BBand Stop (50) aqua color


SELL Rules

  • Gold MACD red line
  • Golden MACD Histogram red color and below the line MACD
  • BBand Stop (20) gold color
  • BBand Stop (50) gold color


Trading NOTES
  • Use MACD to determine the strength and direction of a trend.
  • Use BBand Stop to trail your stops. Just play with indicator settings to define the best inputs for your trading.


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