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Forex Volty Channel Stop “SWING” Trading System with QFF MACD Filter

High accuracy “Forex Volty Channel Stop “SWING” Trading System with QFF MACD Filter” –  The main advantage of this simple swing trading strategy is that it offers great risk to reward trading opportunities.

In other words, you’re going to risk a smaller amount of your account balance for a potentially much bigger profit compared to your risk.

  • Time Frame: H1 or higher


MetaTrader Trading Indicators
  • Volty Channel stop
  • Vh
  • Price
  • TTF
  • filter
  • CCI
How to install “Volty Channel Stop System

  • Download “TraderVersity.Com-VoltyChannelStopSystem” (Zip/RAR File).
  • Copy mq4 and ex4 files to your Metatrader Directory …/experts/indicators/
  • Copy the “TraderVersity.Com-VoltyChannelStopSystem.tpl” file (template) to your Metatrader Directory …/templates /
  • Start or restart your Meta Trader Client.
  • Select Chart and Time frame where you want to test your Forex system.
  • Right-click on your trading chart and hover on “Template”.
  • Move right to select “TraderVersity.Com-HACCIsystem” trading  system and strategy
  • You will see “Volty Channel Stop System” is available on your Chart


BUY Rules

Trading NOTES


  • MACD Blue, Filter Blue, volty channel blue, TTF Trend bluecandle
  • CCI line above 50 level


SELL Rules

  • MACD red, Filter red, volty channel red, TTF Trend red candle
  • CCI line below -50 level


Trading NOTES
  • Best Risk reward ratio 1:2 or 1:3
  • Stop loss on the previous swing
  • Use a demo account or a small live account first to practice this trading system

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