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Forex DDFX Neuro Trade System and How to Become a Millionaire with Forex Trading

High accuracy Forex DDFX Neuro Trade System with Trend Envelopes indicator –  This version only suggests you trade in the higher Time Frame like 1Hour, 4Hour, and Daily.

The lowest suggested time frame is 30 minutes.

This is because we want to avoid a lot of whipsaw in the FX market.

MetaTrader Trading Indicators
  • DDFX 2 Neuro Trade
  • DDFX 3 BBStop
  • TrendEnvelopes
  • DDFX Major Trend
  • DDFX 5 Sentiment
  • Relative Strength Index
BUY Rules

  • DDFX 2 Neuro Trade blue color
  • DDFX 3 BBStop blue color
  • TrendEnvelopes blue color
  • DDFX Major Trend blue color
  • DDFX 5 Sentiment blue color
  • Relative Strength Index upward and above 50
SELL Rules
  • DDFX 2 Neuro Trade red color
  • DDFX 3 BBStop red color
  • TrendEnvelopes red color
  • DDFX Major Trend red color
  • DDFX 5 Sentiment red color
  • Relative Strength Index downward and below 50
Trading NOTES

To BECOME A MILLIONAIRE WITH FOREX TRADING you need two things, skill, and money.

Let’s start with SKILLS

Skill should not be mistaken for a being a lucky fool. Basically, forex trading is betting if the market goes up or down.

Hence, you might hit a lot of wins out of pure luck.

So before you can start with the next step you need to prove that you can make consistent wins.

It’s not about the money, but about your STRATEGY and  RISK MANAGEMENT.

This is the phase I am in right now before people will trust me with their money I need to show them that I am worth my buck.

Start trading on a demo account, move to a real account with 1.000€ in it an show me that you can have a 5% monthly growth over a period of 6 months without too much drawdown.

Is about the percentages, not the absolute numbers.

The next step is MONEY

So I assume you are in the same scenario as I am.

You don’t have a wealthy business partner who is willing to give you a couple million to play with.

So we need to crowdfund you funds from eager risky investors who want to make some money.

For this, you need to start up a PAMM account.

You can start with the capital balance of 3k.

After three months of successful trading, you can open your account to public funds.

If you are worth your skills people will start investing, and the better your returns the more money they put in.

Good luck, and don’t be a lucky fool!


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