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Forex Binary Options Trend Arrows with QQE System for Intraday or Swing Trading (QQE)

Forex Binary Options Trading Strategy with Trend Arrows QQE System. The trading system works well for Intraday or Swing Trading. QQE MetaTrader indicator — or Quantitative Qualitative Estimation, is based on a rather complex calculation of the smoothed RSI indicators.

Trading NOTES


As a result we get 2 lines in a separate indicator window — FAST and SLOW.

QQE indicator

In the original QQE trading system, the signals are generated when the blue line crosses level 50 and when it crosses the yellow (dotted) line.


But for this “TrderVersity” QQE trading system, I recommend using the following signals for trading:

  • Go LONG when the blue line crosses yellow line from below while Williams’ Percent Range above 50 level.
  • Go SHORT when the blue line crosses yellow line from above while Williams’ Percent Range below 50 level.

You will need to set only one parameter – “SF”, an analogue of the period in RSI.

By the way, judging from the open source information, the algorithm used the standard strength index with a period of 14 for calculations (in this system we use 5 period).

The author also left the possibility to adjust color of the lines. Qualitative Quantitative Estimation can be used in two directions:

  • Determine the trend, i.e. if the line is above the 50 level, the trend is ascending, if below – descending;
  • Search for signals at the moment of crossing of the main (bold) and signal (dashed) lines.


Trend Arrows with QQE Trading Rules


TraderVersity Trend arrows with QQE is a trend-momentum trading system for MT4 platform.

  • Trend arrows is long-term trending indicator.
  • QQE and Williams’ Percent Range is a momentum indicator.
  • Time Frame H1 or higher (This strategy works well on all major US Dollar crosses, intraday trading, and swing trading)

This high profitability strategy is very simple and easy to understand. 

Trend Arrows period 21 this indicator determines the trend, so the direction of the market;


LONG Entry


  • Trend Arrows Green color
  • 100 EMA upward above 200 EMA
  • Blue line QQE crosses yellow line from below
  • Williams’ Percent Range upward and above 50 level
  • Trend Manager Blue color bars




  • Trend Arrows Red color
  • 100 EMA downward below 200 EMA
  • Blue line QQE crosses yellow line from above
  • Williams’ Percent Range downward and below 50 level
  • Trend Manager Red color bars


Never Turn a Winner Into a Loser

We have all violated this rule. However, it should be our goal to try harder not to violate it in the future.

What we are really talking about here is the greed factor.

The market has rewarded you by moving in the direction of your position, however, you are not satisfied with a small winner. Thus you hold onto the trade in the hopes of a larger gain, only to watch the market turn and move against you.

Of course, inevitably you now hesitate and the trade further deteriorates into a substantial loss.

There’s no need to be GREEDY.

It’s only one trade.

Never Turn a Winner Into a Loser.

Always use TRAILLING STOPUsing a trailing stop allows you to let profits run while at the same time guaranteeing at least some realized capital gain.


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