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Stock, Crypto, and Forex Non-Lag MA BBands Stop Trading Strategy [66]

Simple and high accuracy Forex and Binary Options NonLag MA BBands Stop Trading System. This custom version of Bollinger Band indicator is far simpler to trade with comparing to its original.

Trading NOTES


Using this indicator you will easily get to know in which trend type is the market and opening position is fairly easy following few simple rules, while books could be written around tens of various examples occurring when you use the original version.

I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible explaining to you how to trade with BBands Stops indicator using “Forex NonLag MA BBands Stop Trading System and Strategy“.

If you open a platform, add BBands Stop “custom” Indicator at the chart and you’ll get the following graph:


BBands Stop Custom Indicator

This indicator clearly shows which trend you are dealing with. When the GOLD dotted line is above the price – it’s a DOWNTREND and when the candles are above the LIME dotted line – it is UPTREND.

A trend started in the arrow marked on the graph. This indicator starts the trend beginning with the GOLD Arrow for a DOWNTREND  and LIME Arrow for an UPTREND.


Now that it’s obvious I’m dealing with the uptrend, I aim to search for ideal spots to open position at.


Forex NonLag MA BBands Stop Trading Strategy

When price lowers and touches LIME dotted line of the BBands Stop, BUY/LONG position should be opened. Or when the price higher and touches GOLD dotted line of the BBands Stop, SELL/SHORT position should be opened.

The position is opened only after the second candle is closed above or below the LIME/GOLD dotted line of BBand Stops indicator. Look at the following graph:




  • LIME dotted line BBands Stop below the price
  • LIME color NonLag MA 10 line upward and above LIME color NonLag MA 30 line
  • MACD filter  LIME Histogram
  • RSI (14) upward and above 50 level
  • Mint Signal Green color




  • GOLD dotted line BBands Stop above the price
  • GOLD color NonLag MA 10 line downward and below GOLD color NonLag MA 30 line
  • MACD filter RED Histogram
  • RSI (14) downward and below 50 level
  • Mint Signal Red color


Trading NOTE

Forex and Binary Option NonLag MA BBands Stop Trading Strategy” – This is the simplest and the most reliable way to trade with this BBands Stop indicator. You can use the trading system for Forex Market or Binary Options.

If you try to apply particular changes it might lead to increase in signals indicating to open positions which again, could make you a lot of troubles.

This is also a fairly dangerous way to trade as the prices will successfully bounce off the LIME and GOLD dotted line only in sideways trends, while they’ll break through the line in uptrend and downtrend, hence it’s really important to wait for the second candle to see whether it’s going to close above the indicator or not.

If you follow instructions closely you will still be able to profit.


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