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Forex BAT ATR (Average True Range) MT4 Trading Indicator

BAT ATR (Average True Range) MT4 Trading Indicator – It is a medium-term, easy to trade system with a good win-loss ratio. It is traded using an indicator that is based on the ATR trailing stop.

Trading NOTES


Correct money management and risk is an extremely important factor in the success of using this system.

Our entry into a trade occurs when price breaks through the BAT line.


If the current BAT is blue then the price will be above it.


As soon as price touches and breaks through the blue BAT, we are going SHORT with one entry.


It is a good idea to place a pending order at this BAT line to be sure not to miss the initial entry.

Once price breaks through the blue BAT line then you will notice a red BAT line starting to form.

It will not happen in the current time bar but will start to form at the close of the next time bar. The rules will be the reverse for a long trade.


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