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AFL WINNER Trend Momentum Strategy Based on SHI Channel Indicator

Trend Momentum Strategy – The “AFL WINNER Trend Momentum Strategy “is very profitable on the M30 and H1 during the London and U.S. sessions.

If you trying to trade the Asian session, I would recommend looking at the 4HR setup because everyone knows the low volume float can be manipulated by Market Makers overseas especially on JPY pairs.

Also, follow the economic news calendar prior trading…

  • Time Frame: M3o or higher
  • Currency Pairs: Any


MetaTrader Trading Indicators
  • AFL Winner
  • SHI Channel
  • Support Resistance
  • Dynamic News Index
  • LightIndy mod-ONEALERT
  • RSI
  • xSuperTrend TApe MTF
  • FSP Aggressive Entry


BUY Rules

  • SHI Channel uptrend
  • AFL Winner aqua color
  • Support Resistance line below the previous swing low
  • Trend Session aqua color
  • RSI line above 55 level
  • FSP Aggressive Entry aqua color
  • xSuperTrend TApe MTF aqua color


SELL Rules

  • SHI Channel downtrend
  • AFL Winner red color
  • Support Resistance line above the previous swing high
  • Trend Session red color
  • RSI line below 45 level
  • FSP Aggressive Entry red color
  • xSuperTrend TApe MTF red color


Trading NOTES
  • When there are no clear signals for entry DONT ENTER TO THE MARKET
  • Initial stop loss on the previous swing
  • Risk Reward Ratio 1:2 or 1:3



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  1. ur indicators are awesome
    i want to do algo trading
    r u providing algo system and i want to do trading in gold, silver and crude
    do u have any perfect tool for this system

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